Team Canada has been attending the Official World Dance Championships since the 1990’s, when our team first attended the World Tap Championships in Dresden, Germany with only 12 dancers! The first Canadian Team consisted of outstanding dancers from British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Québec.

The Canadian National Tap Team, (choreographer Matthew Clark), placed TOP 5 in the World! This was inspiring for our dancers and since then we have returned to win over 25 WORLD TITLES in Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Showdance.


Team of the Year
7 Consecutive Years winning World Tap Championships

Team of the Year
Outstanding Team of the Year,(Team Sportsmanship & Results)

Presidents Cup
Overall Medal Winner at the Ballet, Jazz & Modern World Championships

Choreographer of the Year
Matthew Clark – Outstanding Choreography

Lifetime Achievement Award
Bonnie Dyer- Fostering Good Sportsmanship World Wide
Appointed IDO representative for Canada / Team Canada National Director


As the Team Canada National Director and IDO member for Canada, I attribute Canada’s top world results to the outstanding teachers and choreographers throughout our great nation. The high standards exemplified by the studio directors, teachers and choreographers who have trained these dancers, has enabled Canada to be known as one of the best training countries IN THE WORLD for dance. Also, the dedication of our Team Canada choreographers, dancers, supportive parents and their studios has made Team Canada the success it is today.

Bonnie Dyer



IDO International Dance OrganizationThe World Championships is about as close as you can get to the Olympics of Dance! The International Dance Organization (IDO) is a World Dance and Dancesport Federation with a membership of OVER 90 NATIONS, representing more than 250,000 DANCERS, from 6 CONTINENTS. This prestigious World Championship offers an exciting Parade of Nations, a Podium Presentation of the World Champions, and a Medal Ceremony complete with a National Anthem and Raising of the flags of the TOP 3 medalists.


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